Sunday, July 18, 2010

Peanut Butter Cookies.

More from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook. These have become a real favourite at our place. I get 32 good sized cookies from this mixture - original recipe says 24.


225g unsalted butter (but salted works well)
200g caster sugar
200g light soft brown sugar
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
240g cruncy peanut butter
340g plain flour
2 1/2 teaspoons bicarbonate of soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
75g dark chocolate chopped

1. Preheat the oven to 170c/325f/gas 3. Grease and line a few baking trays with greaseproof paper.
2. Beat the butter and sugars in a freestanding electric mixer (or use a handheld electric whisk) until light and fluffy.
3.Add the eggs one at a time, making sure all the ingredients are well incorporated. Turn the mixer down to low, and add the peanut butter and vanilla extract.
4. Then add the dry ingredients, flour, bicarbonate of soda and salt, and mix until the dough is smooth. Stir in the chocolate until it’s evenly mixed.
5. Arrange 6-8 equal amounts on each baking tray, leaving spaces between them, as these cookies spread out.
6.Bake for 10 -12 minutes, or just until they start to turn golden at the edges and cracked in the middle. If they feel soft in the middle, still take them out, as they continue cooking after being taken out of the oven and this makes them perfect and chewy after they’ve cooled.
7.Leave the cookies to cool slightly on the trays before turning onto a wire cooling rack to cool completely.
8. Store in an airtight container.


  1. I will really like to make this as I have some peanut butter that needs using. But I will really like to use just 100 grams of sugar....

  2. Well, if they are that good I'll have to try them!

  3. These cookies look absolutely perfect! They look like they are from a catalog or cookbook. Wow. I already bookmarked this recipe.

  4. Thanks Pei Lin, Steph and Memoria for your comments - you are my firsts - I'm such a novice !!! Memoria - I use a spring loaded ice cream scoop to get my cookies looking all the same. Cheers Heather

  5. This is one of my favourite Hummingbird recipes but I've yet to blog it. Your cookies look perfect.